EIT Podcasts

Listen to the the podcasts created by the students in our Emerging Instructional Technology course. Each of these technologists has created at least 2 podcasts on a topic of their choice. It's GREAT listening.

Take a Look Around - This is a second podcast about Saint Petersburg. We start in the center of the city, on the bridge that leads to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and take a look around us. We look at the buildings on the Neva River embankment and name them. Then we revise the history of the island on which the Fortress stands, talk a little bit about the Northern War for the outlet to the Baltic Sea, and realize why the Fortress appeared on that place. Then we talk about the names of the Fortresses buildings and parts (walls and towers), discuss the protection measures. We stop at the plan of the Fortress, so that the students know what we'll be talking about during our next podcasts.

Technology Integration in Haiti


Poche's Thoughts

Put Up Your Dukes

About blogging in a high school classroom Sarah Levendusky

Emerging Instructional Technology Podcasts with Lois A. Lindell These podcasts focus on the use Web 2.0 tools to enhance professional development offerings that are conducted by Centers' for Economic Education. Both podcasts include interviews with members of the National Association of Economic Educators Technology Committee from our 2007 annual meeting in Denver, Colorado in October, 2007.

Reading Corner (Megan Burvee)
Discusses a website that integrates technology with reading.

Reflections of Jade


My podcast is dated and uploaded on my October 31st blog. It is on how to conduct a classroom in a 3-dimensional learning environment, Second Life is used to set up the virtual class.