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Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Knowledge of Content & Pedagogy

Knowledge of Students

student demographics

Selecting Instructional Goals

dinosaur lesson plan
Flower science curriculum developed in 2006.

Knowledge of Resources

Designing Coherent Instruction

Elmo's World Project

Assessing Student Learning

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

Creating an Environment of Respect & Rapport

Classroom rules developed with student consensus

Establishing a Culture of Learning

Managing Classroom Procedures

Classroom rules developed with student consensus

Managing Student Behavior

Classroom rules developed with student consensus

Organizing Physical Space

Domain 3: Instruction

Communicating Clearly & Accurately

Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques

Engaging Students in Learning

Providing Feedback to Students

Demonstrating Flexibility & Responsiveness

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

Reflecting on Teaching

Maintaining Accurate Records

Communicating with Families

Contributing to the School & District

Growing & Developing Professionally

Showing Professionalism