Dr. Z and Garey G's Creative Cookbook for Collaborative Communication


These are the tools that Dr. Z and Garey G explored in their presentation. They have provided this wiki page so that you may explore the links OR you can ADD to them.

This is REALLY Coool!!!!!!

ISTE Website

There is a lot of stuff here!
Contribute to the list here with other resources, comments or even photos of the session as it progresses. This is the spirit of collaboration that we are discussing.

Cheap Geek

Woot.com and mywoot.net

Dr. Z's & Garey G's Creative Cookbook for Collaborative Collaboration presentation

The presentation has been uploaded to Google Presentation so that you can access it and even add your comments to the running chatroom as we progress through the presentation.


Wikispaces - a wiki host
Wetpaint - a wiki host
pbwiki - a wiki host


Dr. Z Reflects - Dr. Z's blog
Blogging my Mind - Garey G's blog
Blogger - Blogging host
WordPress - Blogging host
Twitter - Micro-blogging

Social Networking

Classroom 2.0 - Ning network for teachers
Ning - Do-it-yourself social networking environment
Pollanywhere - Create polls that are answered through your phones.

Social Bookmarking

Del.icio.us - Huge database of bookmarked websites created by individuals and shared with the world.
Simplybox - Graphical bookmarking - Del.icio.us on steroids!

Google Tools

Google Forms - Form published on-line to input data into your Google Docs Spreadsheet.

Google Docs

On-Line Concept Mapping

MyWebspiration - Your favorite diagramming tool, Inspiration, has hit the Web. The beta is Free! (for now)




Skype - Audio and video conferencing

One Laptop Per Child

OLPC News - OLPC Blog
Developed for 3rd World Countries- Map of countries where OLPC is used.
Our Stories - Oral history project involving children from around the world.
Peru News Story - Video report on OLPC in Peru (in Spanish)

Extras (Got some ideas? Add them here with links)

TinyURL - Turns long URLs into much shorter and usable URLs.
Go2WEb20 - Graphics-based index of Web 2.0 utilities.
Clicker (Salling) - Program that Dr. Z used on his Treo smartphone to control their PowerPoint presentation.
Exhibit With Timeline - Program from MIT that allows for easy, possibly collaborative creation of interactive exhibits with timelines and other embedded media. Can use a Google spreadsheet as the basis for all of the data. An example of such an Exhibit can be seen in the Interactive Composer Database.
Woot - One deal, one day!
WootOff Checker - Quit refreshing every 30 seconds!
Jing- screen capture for everyone
Convert youtube - transfer youtube videos to other formats

Active Web 2.0-er Wiki-- Great resource for Web 2.0 stuff. Add you own suggestions.

Have Fun!!!!