Classroom Computer Apps 2009

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Dr. Z Reflects - Dr. Z (Leigh Zeitz) shares his ideas, realizations, and incredible Ah-Hahs on using Web 2.0, emerging technologies, Second Life, and a variety of instructional technologies to support learning in and out of the classroom. Dr. Z is a gadgeteer so you will find a multitude of cool gadgets and Web 2.0 tools.

Bob Helgerson's Blog- Bob Helgerson shares ideas on how to coach sports in high school successfully and properly. Items such as different drills, plays, etc. There are also different approaches to coaching young adolescents.

Elementary Science- Curt Kimm shares his ideas of how to make science more interesting in the elementary classroom and show how it is important to have more science in the elementary classroom.

Teaching Math With Technology - Kirsten Wilson shares her knowledge and opinions for using technology in the classroom to teach Math. Along with ideas to improve students learning through the use of technology.

Thoughts on Blogs in Elementary Education - Sam Marner works to share all types of blogs he's found on the internt that could be used in an elementary classroom for learning purposes. Along with these blogs, he works to find links that can help to make anyone more technology savvy.

Are you Book Smart? - Abby Maakestad discusses multiple intelligences and shares a link to a kinesthetic learning experience through dance.

Math and Technology - Megan Radig exposes the unknown secrets of technology in mathematics education, found by both her and other knowledgeable bloggers as well.

Media in the Classroom - Exploration of technology for the classroom. This can range from technology found only on the net, to physical use in the classroom. Matt Shannon.

New Age Math - Jarod Mozer explores different ways to keep math interesting for students using some of the latest technology. This includes links to other articles and blogs he has found as well.

This Old Panther - Colin Lamb muses about what its like to be a non-traditional college student at the University of Northern Iowa. Colin's blog includes notes on educational technology, fun science stuff with potential classroom uses, many things Macintosh and links around the world.

Teacher To Teacher- Nate Weber shares some of his own ideas as well as the ideas of other bloggers that serve as excellent resources dealing with elementary science and new technologies. The site features articles, ideas, and many links to information that will help any elementary teacher by pointing them in the right direction.

Future Texas Educator - Kate Fry elaborates on her concerns and excitements involving student teaching in a foreign place. She will be focusing on her personal questions and ideas about teaching in Austin, Texas. Her blog will provide connections to other blogs that help her learn about the Texas ISD's and the area itself.

Living Life Autistic Megan Turnage shares ideas about Autism and how as future educators, it is essential to empathize with these students.

Mande's Blog Mande Alexander discusses different tools that can be used in a language arts classroom. This should be interesting.

Nicole's Blog Nicole examines the use of technology within the Language Arts classroom. The blog looks into effectively integrating new, fun technologies to motivate students and bring in fresh ideas.

Volleyblog Lisa Burrack talks about different rules, drills, video's, pictures, and anything else that is interesting involving coaching.

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