Blog Addresses - EIT F'08

Post your blog address below. Include the blog's name, your name and brief explanation of your goals in writing this blog.
(These goals may change as you progress but you can update your descriptions then.)

Dr. Z Reflects - Dr. Z

This is where Dr. Z (Leigh Zeitz) will share with you his ideas, realizations, and incredible Ah-Hahs that he experiences every once in a while. This will also be filled with links that take you to resources that relate to the topic at hand.

Blogging My Mind - Garey

Daily thoughts on class and technology. There are a lot of thoughts in my head and it is great to get some of them out and onto my blog. Check it out, however it is a work in progress.

My Sweet Blog - Michael

My Blog for my Emerging Instructional Technologies class. TOTAL COOL!!!

Dave's Blog

Dave's Blog is a site where my friends can share their thoughts about emerging technologies and current trends in video, photography, music, art, etc. Your personal illusions, delusions, and other flights of ideas are encouraged on this site!

Jennifer's Blog- my blog on technology and education.

Nerdy Thoughts on Technology in Education - Marissa

My blog on my thoughts on what we've been up to in class.

Farah's Blog - blogging about Emerging Tech class

Kate's Blog
My blog about Emerging Technologies class. Feel free to post any responses or thoughts! :o)

Elser's Thoughts is my blog where I will ramble about Emerging Technologies.

Mary's Blog is a my Emerging Tech Blog

Garey - Gaming